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The Right Thing

We would like to thank everyone

Who has done

The Right Thing

Who has stayed in Rome

To protect the RHS

And to save Chives

We would ask you now

To do your bit

For a bit longer

To do

The Right Thing

And continue to keep your distance

Together we have been making all the difference

We have been doing

The Right Thing

And together we shall defeat

This unseen enemy

This stealth-killer

But only if we continue to do

The Right Thing

It is

The Right Thing

To do what we ask

And not to ask us why

Nor question our command,

To strive, to seek

But not to find

And not to yield

To stand steadfast

Against the common Enemy

Because it is

The Right Thing

To do

And we must all do

The Right Thing.

© IMB (May, 2020)

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