• Ivor M Bundell

I Walked with William Butler Yeats

I walked with William Butler Yeats

Among the children at my school

And heard them tell of unfamiliar days

And watched them run and play and fall

At sixty now my beard is grey

And all my knowledge washed and wan

The tilting milk float and the swill

Are now no more, forgotten, gone.

The garden where we planted seeds,

The nettles scythed beside the field,

The goals we scored, the rounders run,

A final summer signed and sealed.

We fled into the future then

Among the mighty hopes of youth

And searched for hope and fevered love

In search of treasure that is Truth.

But that was long ago and this

Is but a passing moment still,

As if the wind a glancing kiss,

As if a life might bend to will.

So now I look to climb the hill

Where my first memory was born,

But holding hands with no-one now

The night is long and far from dawn.

© IMB (June, 2020)


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