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No Cold Beer

It’s no cold beer in the warm summer sun

And it’s no Maltesers on the tongue

It’s no more standing by the wind-wild sea

When the fast running tide has run

It’s no more marching and it’s no more boots

And it’s no spit and polish - make ‘em shine!

And it’s no more Brasso and it’s no oil-rag

And it’s no more standing in the line

It’s no scone and jam, it’s no cup of tea

And it’s no honey dripping from the comb,

It’s no butterfly and it’s no birdsong

When the fruit has fallen from the tree

It’s no more worry, it’s no more fear,

It’s no more wandering the days,

In the warm summer sun it’s no cold beer

And it’s no more parting of the ways.

In memory of Michael Iveson Brown, my Father-in-law, who passed away yesterday.

© IMB (2020)

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