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I Walked The Streets of London

I walked the streets of London

Immortal and alone

My heart and mind were solitary

And truth cut to the bone

By Charing Cross and down the Strand

Past Holborn to the square

And off the great Museum Hall

At Xanadu I’d stare

For writ upon that manuscript

In fine unfathomed hand

I saw the vision of a Maid

And tried to understand

I comprehended in the depths

Of longing and despair

A drifting dream of Paradise

As only love would dare

When I was but a young man

And all was fever-full

When time was held in motion

And Thame’s deep tide did pull

I walked the streets of London

Immortal and alone

My mind and heart as solitary

As Shalmaneser’s stone.

© IMB (May, 2020)

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