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Art in Time of Lockdown

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Thanks to everyone who has responded to my appeal for Art in Time of Lockdown.

(C) John Morgan

(C) Chris Sparkes (CJS)

They’ve had WW1 and WW2 and the USSR and the KGB and the GULAG and the SS and they got JFK and they’ve got the FSB and the PRC. And they’ve got the USA and the CIA and the FBI and the IRS and the KKK and the CNN and the ABC and the CBS and the NBC and the CW and the NTA. And they’ve got PBS and the FOX and the WB and the AIPAC and the NSA and the NRA and the CNBC and the CBC. And they’ve got the EU and the RCC and the BBC and the Sky TV and the PPE. And they’ve got the UK and the MI5 and the MI6 and the CBB and the SWP and the EA and the TUC and the IRA and the NUT and the C4 and the C4+ and the C5 and the CWU and the CPS and the NFU. And they’ve got the WHO and the UN and the ISS and the NATO and the NAFTA and the FTSE and the WWF and the WWW and the IOC and the CCTV and the MSM and the PC newspeak and the new 5G and the ITT and the HIV and the C19 and they ain’t got CJS.

(C) Chris Sparkes (CJS)

(C) John Morgan

All Bets Are Off

All bets are off

Lock down the light

Let no-one leave their home tonight

Put out the cat

Turn out the light

Bolt all the doors, shut them tight

The owls no longer hoot down lanes

Where once we heard them call our names

The swans have left the waterway

That floated clothes and coal this way

To Winchester, where children sang

Before the loss of Aberfan

Where minstrels by their suppleness

In the cathedral faith confess

And in the Great Hall sing and dance

As love and luck and hope would chance

Do not forget

Beneath the sun

All bets are off and we are done

© IMB (2020)

Incredible String Band: Light in Time of Darkness

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